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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best tubular extractors for growing marijuana indoors. From the simplest extraction systems to complex MDF boxed extractors for perfect air renewal . We ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona... fast and discreet


Air renewal is one of the most important factors of cultivation and one that many people overlook. Keep in mind that air is easy and cheap to obtain, you should not skimp on this aspect. To choose the extractor that best suits your needs we have a simple formula.

We will calculate the volume of cubic meters of the growing room, closet or greenhouse

  • Depth x Width x Height = Volume
  • 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters x 2 meters = 2.88 cubic meters

Now we multiply x60 to extract the total volume each minute and the result is the m 3 /h that our extractor needs but...

EYE! This result is not real if we have tubes and filters installed in our ventilation system , as is normal. Each meter of tube, each bend and the filter reduce the flow capacity of the extractor, so we will have to take it into account in the calculation by adding 50% more to the result.

  • Depth x Width x Height = Volume x 60 = m 3 /h +50% = [ Actual m 3 /h ]
  • 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters x 2 meters = 2.88m 3 x 60 = 172m 3 /h + 50% = 260m 3 /h

This would be the minimum air renewal that we need in our cultivation, we must take into account that if we are going to use extraction with a fan control, UCI, or any type of climate control that automates the extraction, we will choose a very low extractor. above these requirements to ensure optimal air renewal if the extraction works at 40% for example


  • Helical extractor
  • VK type tubular extractor
  • TT type tubular extractor
  • Extractor in MDF box


Air circulation and ventilation are key to a good, abundant and healthy harvest of your crop. It is important not to neglect this aspect, especially in growing rooms, but in a closet you can also have problems if you do not move the air.

co2-stratified air.jpg Cannabis leaves consume the Co2 around them in just a few minutes. If we do not have fresh, new air with more Co2, a zone of dead air is created around the leaf. This smothers the stomata and causes the plant to stop growing.

To prevent air from stratifying around the blade, it is important to have fans that move the air that enters through the intraction and is directed to the extraction and sometimes create a non-uniform flow.

This uniform flow of air that we achieve with the fans helps prevent pests and fungi in our plants and prevents them from developing.

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