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Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best Accessories for air conditioning for crops of marijuana inside.  We have clamps, couplers, reducers, T-joints and and crowns, sleeves and non-return valves. In addition you'll find accessories and spare parts for your charcoal filterslike shirts or activated charcoal.


We will explain the profits of each of the accessories we sell in Ganesh Grow Shop, you'll see how starting from today you can not live without some of them;

  • Clamps: Ensures joints and connections between different parts or pipes, are tightened with screwdriver
  • Couplings gearboxes: Used to connect or join different diameters of tubes or
  • T-joints e Y: you can split in two a tube or air, T-shaped and shaped out of and
  • Crowns: Can be screwed on one side and attach one tube in the other, very useful for air on planks of wood vents
  • Sleeves of union: Join two tubes or parts of the same diameter
  • Non-return valve: Let flow the air in one direction, very useful to prevent unwanted odors out


  • Shirt: It is important to keep clean the shirt of the filter and time change it, since but the air will not flow as well and will make us noise
  • Support: For very heavy filters or false or little resistant roofs can use these supports, they will endure us filter and thus already not it worry you most of the same weight
  • Active carbon: carbon that retains particles of odor and prevent it from leaving abroad, this material loses effectiveness with use, so you have two options, or change this material or the whole filter.



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