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The disposable Vaper (also, electronic cigarette , in English "e-Cigarette", "vaporizer", "vapeador", "vape") is an electronic inhaler system originally designed to simulate tobacco consumption without burning it directly, differentiating itself from the traditional cigarette. .

These devices use a resistor, a battery to heat and vaporize a liquid solution. The liquid solution, called vape liquid, e-Liquid, e-Juice or essence, may or may not contain aromas. These liquid solutions usually have propylene glycol, glycerin, and aromas, although they vary depending on the solution, since there are also some without any of these components.

Since its introduction to the market at the beginning of this century, it became popular in the 2010s, as an alternative to abandoning traditional cigarettes; [citation needed] as well as for recreational use, the latter especially in non-smokers. In its beginnings, its design imitated cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Currently there are several designs of more than 400 brands of electronic cigarettes; Some of the most popular models turn on automatically when you inhale and others, via a button.

Disposable vaper to stop smoking tobacco with nicotine.

Although it is believed that the main benefit of using electronic cigarettes is that they are an alternative to traditional cigarettes as nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking.

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