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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best quality GHE Terra Aquatica fertilizers for your plants. You can find them in our physical store in Torrelavega, Cantabria or you can buy General Hydroponics on our website, we ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Lugo.


General Hydroponics Europe - GHE - was founded in France, in 1994 by William Texier and Noucetta (Marie) Kehdi, having gained international recognition for their hydroponic farm , White Owl WaterFarm, where they grew crops served by Michelin-starred restaurants in the Greater London Area. San Francisco Bay in the early 90s.

William innovated from the beginning, developing new products and methods combining the power of hydroponic technology with the ecological qualities and sensitivities of organic methods that have now become so important.


New products unique to modern agriculture gave rise to a new way of thinking about nutrient solutions . William and Noucetta knew that all life is symbiotic and formulated products to enable living nutrient solutions.

This is more than hydroponic and more than organic or biological , it is a hybrid that brings together the best of both worlds: pesticides are not necessary when plants share the environment with beneficial organisms that protect and defend the plants .

The harsh chemical ingredients used by most modern commercial farmers cannot be used in a live system. Only pure and compatible ingredients and formulation methods will enable the living symbiotic culture system . To describe and explain this new method of culture, William and Noucetta coined the phrase "Bioponics", a concept now explored around the world, and a field in which GHE remains a leader.


Today, GHE products can be found feeding healthy crops that provide food, medicine and flowers around the world. At GHE, products are formulated to meet the specialized needs of growers in all types of environments who grow plants for their personal and local needs.

The main design criteria for GHE exclusive products is to create healthy, sustainable and environmentally sensitive products for producers .

All products are formulated to local standards, where water, light, temperature, humidity and natural considerations create unique microenvironments ranging from the deserts of the Middle East to the Arctic forests of Siberia.

Each unique environment forms a unique market with very different plant needs and customer needs.

GHE is at the forefront of modern agriculture. Respected and known in academic circles around the world, William and Noucetta travel and teach widely. They have written and published numerous articles and books that today form part of the curriculum for agricultural students around the world.

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