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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best brands of substrates on the market, the ones most used for planting marijuana outdoors and growing indoors. Brands such as Plagron, Atami, TopCrop, BioBizz complete our catalog with the best substrates for your plants.


The substrate is the material we use to grow different types of plants and it is something to which we give little importance because it is believed to be a simple mixture of soil for planting. However, the substrate is much more than that. In fact, the substrate is the main means by which the plant roots, grows, is nourished and strengthens its structure, and finally, gives good production.


For a substrate to be of high quality and to be used for growing marijuana, it must more or less meet physical-chemical conditions that are obtained by mixing different ingredients. This makes the choice of substrate when growing more complex, since there are numerous substrates for marijuana with different compositions on the market. So, the first thing we must consider are the properties that the substrate must have.

The physical properties required for a high quality substrate are high water holding capacity and porosity , constant sponginess and low compaction.

A quality substrate must have certain chemical properties such as a low or medium cation exchange capacity, a certain amount of nutrients that the plant can absorb, the ability to stabilize the pH value and a pH level between 5.5 and 7, 0.

Essentially all of the substrates we offer have these types of properties. This means that you can use any brand and type of substrate, obtaining good results, without forgetting that choosing a type of substrate will depend on the growing conditions, the season and your growing technique.


The different types of substrates with which we can work are categorized according to different criteria, but in cannabis cultivation we usually distinguish between inert and active , and depending on their origin they can be organic or chemical . Find more information about the types of substrates and their classification, including the brands we have for you, by entering our article TYPES OF SUBSTRATES OR LANDS FOR YOUR CULTIVATION right now. We leave you some definitions below:

  • LIGHT LAND SUBSTRATE : They are soil with just enough fertilizer for just the first weeks of our plants. They will quickly need additional food , which you can supply in the form of liquid fertilizers or even slow-release solid fertilizers.
  • HEAVY LAND SUBSTRATE : This soil contains fertilizer for longer, our indoor plants will be able to do the entire growth phase and outdoors they will take longer to show deficiencies due to lack of food. It is used when we cannot or do not want to administer the fertilizers necessary for the development of our plants and we give it directly to the substrate.
  • COCONUT SUBSTRATE : Composed of coconut fibers, they are substrates that allow the grower to have total control over the feeding process . They are used by expert cannabis growers and in these hands, the production and speed of growth are considerably noticeable.
  • INERT SUBSTRATES: Among which are clay, expanded clay and perlite, they are used mixed with other substrates or as a substrate in hydroponics.
  • FERTILIZER: And soil improvers such as worm castings, bat guano and ground volcanic rock.

As it can always present a problem when you have so many options to choose from, don't worry! At Ganesh Grow we are going to help you choose the substrate that best suits your needs and that of your cannabis cultivation .

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