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We will always need a reflector for our spotlights, since they serve to concentrate and direct all the light from our spotlights where we want, to optimize performance and not waste a single Watt.

When choosing reflectors , there are many types and qualities, from the simplest to the most complex that offers several services such as the direct extraction of the heat that the luminaire itself can generate.

Types of reflectors for cultivation

We can classify the reflectors into several families, the refrigerated ones, the smooth open ones, the stucco open ones, the reflectors that expand the light spectrum to increase the growing area and the reflectors that concentrate the lumens more centrally to lose less efficiency and increase production. .

  • Cooled reflectors:

The refrigerated ones are the most used reflectors in summer or in places where we have high temperatures in the crop, their mission is to control the temperature to avoid excess heat. These reflectors have the bulb in a closed reflector with inlet and outlet connected with an aluminum tube and a small extractor to evacuate the heat outside. Remember to put an anti-odor filter before the entrance of the reflector to avoid unwanted odor escaping onto the street.

  • Open reflectors:

These are used to reach more surface area in the crop with the same bulb, if for example with a 600w bulb it usually covers 1m2, with this type of reflector it can cover 1.5m2. There are also open reflectors similar to an umbrella, they allow us to homogenize the light that the plants receive and bring the focus quite close, it has the peculiarity of carrying the bulb vertically instead of horizontally.

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