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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find Plagron fertilizers at the best price for your plants. You can find them in our physical store in Torrelavega, Cantabria or you can buy Plagron fertilizers on our website, we ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada.

What started in 1992 with a small worm farm is now a leading international company selling high-quality, organic products around the world.

We now belong to the top of the market and have a wide range of substrates, fertilizers and additives in our product range.

For each producer

Plagron is for everyone; from beginner producers to experts. Whether it is about the best substrates, fertilizers or good advice, you can contact us. We are constantly working on the best crop performance.

We strive to be the brand that has the best results.

The importance of the right nutrients

Plants need different elements to grow. Three of them can be extracted from water air: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. What other nutrients do your plants need?

In addition to carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen , your plant needs a number of essential nutrients.

  • The plant cannot complete its life cycle without it.
  • No other element can replace the function of that element.
  • The element is directly related to plant nutrition.


Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most well-known nutrients that a plant needs. However, he is not yet established as a producer. No, your plant needs different nutrients to grow. Although the plant requires less of these nutrients, they contribute to a good final result of your crop.

Secondary nutrients

  • Calcium. It influences nutritional absorption and stimulates the firmness of the cell wall.
  • Magnesium. It is part of the green leaf, promotes photosynthesis and potassium transport.
  • Sulfur. It forms and transports proteins, catalyzes the production of chlorophyll and promotes the flavor of the final product.


  • Iron. It affects the production of green leaves, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Molybdenum. Helps with nutrient absorption capacity and changes nitrates (nitrogen) into amino acids.
  • Copper. It is important for carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Strengthens cells.
  • Zinc. It helps produce substances such as auxin and affects the production of chlorophyll.
  • Manganese. Promotes cell division and stimulates metabolism in the plant.
  • Boron. Important for the formation of the cell wall and helps manage water in cells.
  • Silicon. It is a building block for the cell wall.

Investigation and development

We have our own Research and Development department to ensure that we are developing and selling the best products.

This department is dedicated to the development of new products and strictly controls the quality of all Plagron products.

The Research and Development department responds directly to market questions and needs. To achieve this, there is close cooperation with other departments.

Our account managers also visit our clients regularly. The feedback you receive about our products is very serious and is discussed with the Research and Development department so that improvements can be made.


We guarantee high quality products with a constant composition. Our products are certified by competent independent organizations. Most Plagron products are CE (Conformity European) certified.

All these products comply with EC Regulations 889/2008 and 2003/2003.

All Plagron organic products are Control Union certified and our substrates are partially RHP certified. You can recognize these products with a CU or RHP logo on the packaging. All certified products are covered with a test report prepared by an independent institute.

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