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The therapeutic properties of CBD in veterinary medicine do not go unnoticed by anyone, which is why at Ganesh Grow we have the best team to advise you on your pets since we have on board a veterinarian, a zootechnician and a molecular biologist, as well as a wide list of articles intended for animal welfare for the satisfaction of your dear companions. But you will wonder,

What do the acronym CBD mean?

The abbreviation CBD responds to the nomenclature used at a scientific level to refer to Cannabidiol , a chemical agent classified among the most common cannabinoids and present in different proportions in the flowering tops of the cannabis sativa plant, although, contrary to other similar compounds of the same family that share a molecular structure, this in isolation does not describe psychoactive effects after consumption.

Surely you still have doubts about whether the regular consumption of products with high CBD content could be dangerous for the health of our pets, right?

Based on the conclusions drawn by the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization after analyzing the action of this compound in mice, we can assert that there is no type of adverse effect related to the consumption of CBD (even in high doses). and that by itself does not generate any negative consequences for the body. Dependence on this element has not even been observed, at least not to a greater degree than that detected in the use of placebos. Otherwise, the reports prepared after numerous clinical investigations point to the existence of great medicinal potential in terms of the usefulness of the product to treat certain ailments, although for now we will not delve too deeply into a sector that requires the maximum possible rigor to when informing potential interested parties.

Do you want to know what dose of CBD is recommended for animal consumption?

Currently there is no dosage guideline established by medical entities since it is considered a safe compound, although we can get an approximate idea of the amount to be administered depending on several factors; the body volume, if it is intended for therapeutic use or for other reasons, the form of consumption established for this purpose (sublingual, in oil, dietary intake, topical use, etc...), the concentration of CBD obtained in the product, if our pet describes any previous pathology, etc.

If you have any questions, at Ganesh Grow Shop we recommend always going to a specialized veterinarian to receive the correct personalized instructions.

Is the purchase of CBD preparations or derivatives legal?

Despite the ignorance, the social alarm and the lack of legislative specification that occurs in our country and in Europe in general, the truth is that the trade in this type of products is increasingly spreading throughout the international geography, making development unstoppable. and expansion of an increasingly booming sector. Currently, although marketing exclusively for human consumption is not permitted within our borders, there are countless legally registered preparations with the specification of being intended for external or collector use, as in the case of creams or oils for pets available in our catalog, as long as the manufacturing raw material does not exceed the psychoactive content rates established by European legislation.

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