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IMPORTANT NOTICE : Mushroom breads cannot be claimed or returned. THE SUPPLIER DOES NOT ACCEPT THEM since they leave the warehouse in an optimal way. If the growing conditions and handling methods by the client are not appropriate, the result may not be as expected.

SHIPPING NOTICE : Mushroom breads are sent from Monday to Thursday to guarantee their conservation ( Cash on delivery mushroom breads are not sent ).

Everything you need to grow mushrooms , with these kits it is very easy to harvest all types of mushrooms, you will only need to control the temperature and humidity of the growing medium, now we will see some small tips that will help your mushroom bread to fruit in the right conditions and get multiple harvests from the same kit.

IMPORTANT: Whenever handling mushroom bread, wash and disinfect your hands with alcohol if possible.


If you use the grow bag that comes in the KIT:

  • Pour a glass of mineral water into the bag. Never fill the bread with water. Always use mineral water (never tap water) Do not remove the bread from the tupperware.
  • Remove the lid from the tupperware and spray the surface of the bread until it is moistened.
  • We put the tupperware in the bag and close it by folding it twice and securing it with the clips that come in the KIT.
  • The optimal temperature inside the bag is 24ºC but it can range between 22º and 25º.
  • The optimal humidity is between 60% - 80%

IMPORTANT: Remember to air the bag every day for a couple of minutes so that it oxygenates .

When you collect the first harvest, remove all the mushrooms and then you can add 1 centimeter of mineral water, put the lid on the tupperware and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Once this time has passed, remove it from the refrigerator and drain all the excess water well. We will change the water before putting the bread to fruit again.

Controlling the temperature and humidity is key in the process, that is why we recommend using a thermohygrometer to have these factors well controlled since if they are not correct we risk the bread taking longer to remove the mushrooms or not coming out at all.

If you use a greenhouse or propagator:

  • Pour water into the greenhouse (the amount depends on the size)
  • Never fill the bread with water or remove it from the tupperware and it should not be in direct contact with water.
  • To achieve the optimal temperature and humidity for the crop, you can use a heated blanket or use an electric propagator with it integrated.
  • The optimal temperature and humidity, as in bag cultivation, is;
  • Temperature 24ºC. you can range between 22º and 25º
  • Humidity between 60% and 80%

Breads containing cultures of hallucinogenic mushrooms are exclusively used for mycological, ethnobotanical study or ornamental use. They are not for agricultural or food use. Ganesh grow shop is not responsible for any illegal use that third parties may make of the product.

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