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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find all the measuring instruments to control various factors such as PH, EC, temperature and humidity in your indoor and outdoor plant cultivation. You also have spare parts for the main brands of meters as well as calibrating liquids. We ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao... Fast and discreet.

Marijuana plants grow in the most diverse climates, but there are always some parameters that favor their growth and productivity, such as maintaining optimal temperature and humidity, irrigation water that does not contain much salt and has the appropriate pH, or soil. that it receives the correct amount of water to allow good oxygenation of the roots. Hence the importance of having the correct meters on hand to control these factors.


With pH and EC meters we will be sure to provide our plants with ideal water that can be correctly absorbed by their roots.

pH meters allow us to control the acidity or alkalinity of irrigation water and adjust it so that your plants absorb the maximum amount of nutrients.

EC or electroconductivity meters, to measure the salts dissolved in the water (amount of fertilizer) are of vital importance for the crop, since a correct EC allows good and correct nutrition of the plants.

Calibration fluids allow you to calibrate your meters so they are always ready and provide correct readings. There is no point in having meters that give us false readings.


To have better productivity and quality in your harvest, there are two very important factors to take into account: temperature and humidity. There are environmental measurement devices for these parameters and they are very useful for cultivation since they tell you at what height to place the lights, when the air needs to be renewed more or when the humidity is too high and there is a risk of fungi.

An accurate thermohygrometer is essential for measuring temperature and humidity in all grow rooms. The ideal ones are those that record the maximum and minimum temperature of the crop, so we can know if our plants will be fine, or if they need more cold or heat.

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