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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best manicure machines for peeling marijuana buds . From the simplest manicure machines to complex machines for manicure cannabis buds with which you will not have to worry about anything and you will save a lot of work. We ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona... fast and discreet.


At Ganesh Grow we have all types of machines to peel your marijuana buds , from the simplest ones for people with a small amount of plant matter. Even fully automatic peelers, in which you will only have to put the flowers inside and wait for them to come out peeled.


This group includes manicure scissors , hand-held razor-type scissors, and manual dome-type scissors with a crank .

In the case of the last two, they will take away some of our work, but the process will still be manual. They are usually the cheapest on the market


We enter the group of semi-automatic manicure machines, these machines already work with an electric motor and we have two large groups, those that come mounted on a work table and those that are attached to a table or used on it.

These manicure machines, being electric, will save us a lot of work , but we have to keep in mind that we will have to pass the flowers, branch by branch, over the grid. The quality of the manicuring will depend a lot on the margin of space you have between the blades and the grid.

In addition, these bud peeling machines come with a bag to collect the remains of the manicure, so we can take advantage of all these leaves full of resin to make our homemade extractions.


Are you a great producer? Or you are simply tired of manicuring your plants.

With these machines to peel marijuana your life as a cannabis grower will be much easier, with these manicurers you will only have to put your flowers with leaves through one hopper and in a matter of a few minutes they will come out through another completely clean of leaves and manicured, ready to dry.

Like the previous group, these marijuana peeling machines also come with a bag for collecting remains, so you can use them to make the best hashish or the best extractions you can think of.

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