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Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC)

LEC lighting systems for growing marijuana , more lumens with lower consumption, save on your electricity bill without losing production or power of your plants. LEC ballasts and bulbs at the best price, the latest technology for your indoor marijuana cultivation

Clarification of initials;

Ceramic Metal Halide ( CMH ) – Metal halide light using a ceramic arc tube
Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide ( CDM ) – Different term for the same technology
Light Emitting Ceramic ( LEC ): is a brand name (registered trademark) for a grow light model that uses ceramic metal halide technology. However, the term " LEC " is beginning to be interchangeable with the term "ceramic metal halide" (CMH) since both are referring to the same technology.

What does Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) mean?

Light-emitting ceramic halide ( LEC ) lights are used in indoor grows to provide a broader spectrum of light than is possible with conventional bulbs. They also reduce energy costs at the same time.

Growing indoors can be a very rewarding option for growers with little usable outdoor space, or for those with short growing seasons and gardeners interested in the benefits of hydroponics.

Also called ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights, light-emitting ceramic halide bulbs provide a full spectrum of light for plants, resulting in healthier, stronger growth . While results vary from gardener to gardener, everyone has noticed better yields from growing indoors . The square wave technology used in these lights also ensures that plants receive more light overall throughout their lifespan than with conventional lighting options.

They also reduce electricity consumption , helping indoor growers use less energy, reduce utility bills, and be a little " greener ."

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