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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find all kinds of items for watering your marijuana plants from measuring cups to automatic drip irrigation systems. The best manufacturers at very competitive prices.


If there is a maximum rule in the world of cannabis cultivation, it is that not everything is allowed in plant care. If our goal is for them to grow healthy and strong, we have to take into account all the details and irrigation is, without a doubt, one of the most important. The cannabis plant, like all living beings, needs water and nutrients to develop, and it is our responsibility to ensure that irrigation is the most appropriate and supply it in the correct way.

Several factors must be considered when evaluating the appropriate irrigation for our crop: whether we grow indoors or outdoors, the type of substrate used, your budget, type of pot, the type of plant and stage of development, among others. On the other hand, plants must be watered according to certain principles, mainly the amount of water, its quality and purity, the irrigation time. Therefore, there are different types of irrigation and various items to choose from.

For example, osmosis systems and activated carbon filters are used to remove impurities from irrigation water before it is used in our system. A water pump can deliver water from a tank to a watering lance used for manual watering or power an automatic watering system.

You can create your own custom watering system with a special dripper that comes in a variety of watering tube sizes and diameters, allowing you to water up to 12 plants with one dripper. Optimize your system with replacement parts for all pipes and parts, elbows and tees, stopcocks or in-line filters for proper irrigation and dripper blockages. Find everything on our website:

  • Water pumps
  • air pumps
  • Filters for water treatment, reverse osmosis filter
  • Parts and tubes for the irrigation system
  • Individual drippers and irrigation systems
  • Accessories such as watering cans, sprayers, diffusers, bottles and more

At Ganesh Grow we have countless items for watering your marijuana plants. Each item in our catalog has a detailed description of each product , showing its main characteristics and uses. So there is no problem in choosing and using new products.

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