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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best hydroponic growing equipment for indoor marijuana crops. From the simplest hydroponics systems to complete aeroponics equipment with which you will get the most out of your genetics. We ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona... fast and discreet


The hydroponic system is based on a basic principle, that of growing plants in an inert substrate (without soil) in which the roots and the plant are held, together with a water recirculation system.

In fact, many growers already use it without knowing it, since using rock wool or coconut fiber is a form of hydroponics. In hydroponics the absorption of nutrients and the oxygen content of the growing medium can be easily controlled.

Hydroponic media, inorganic and inert, do not contain nutrients . We supply all nutrients through irrigation. The combination with high amounts of oxygen available in the roots contributes to explosive growth.

The careful control of nutrients makes plants grow and flower faster in hydroponic crops, allowing you to harvest a few days earlier.


Hydroponic systems are divided according to the way nutrients are applied:

  • PASSIVE SYSTEMS: Irrigation water is absorbed through wicks or by the growing medium itself. Performance is low
  • ACTIVE SYSTEMS: Active systems move nutrient solution, the most common are flood and drain and top feed systems


Aeroponic systems do not use growing medium and offer maximum yield. The roots of the plants are suspended in the dark where they are sprayed with oxygen-rich irrigation water at regular intervals.

Aeroponic systems require greater attention to cultivation, their use is delicate and sensitive. If the pump fails, the roots dry out quickly and the plants suffer and die. Spray systems must be free of debris that obstructs the outlet of the nutrient solution.

Nowadays, there are many hydroponics and aeroponics systems that you can find. At Ganesh Grow Shop we give you a hand so that you can find the one that best suits all your needs and that of your crop, we offer everything from basic systems to the most advanced ones.

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