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    <p><strong>Cultibox</strong> presents the evolution of its <strong>growing cabinets</strong> hot-pluggable with innovations that will make it a product of reference for the sector.</p> <p>The new SG-Combi propose a design with 3 mobile side that allow you to connect to unlimited cabinets of the same model, that fit practically anywhere in cultivation. All of them are hot-pluggable and manufactured with <strong>high quality canvas.</strong>, with a practical bag for transportation, indoor brightness maximum reflection rugged metal, more than 95%</p>


    <p>We present the <strong>crop DarkBox cabinets</strong>, wardrobes at good price and with one more than good quality, perfect for people who want to save a few euros to assemble your <strong>cultivation of marijuana</strong></p> <p><strong>Dark Box</strong> it enters the market with competitive prices without saying no to the quality. These <strong>cabinets are robust</strong>they can be very easy without any kind of tool and of course make your function do not miss even a single drop of light</p> <p>Reflective plastic is important for our plants, with these plastics we will achieve the <strong>maximum light reflection</strong> and that our plants going has thank with <strong>productive crops</strong>.</p>


    <p>Specialized in <strong>growing cabinets</strong> Indoor, <em>Secret garden</em> It offers professionals and amateurs tools to your horticultural passion. To get the best harvests, install in your Cabinet growing appropriate equipment especially designed for your product. Whether lighting, ventilation or accessories, <em>Secret garden</em> It is constantly innovating to improve the quality and the production time of their crops.</p> <p>Each manufactured Cabinet is regularly certified by international organizations to ensure an exemplary quality, test new materials and guarantee the best conditions of security.</p> <p>Created in 2006, <em>Secret garden</em> It is first and foremost an innovative company: each <strong>Cabinet growing</strong> and all our equipment are designed, developed and manufactured by our teams of experts and enthusiasts for culture it inside. This internalisation of our processes guarantees optimum quality of manufacture, operation and durability.</p> <p><em>Secret garden</em> He wishes you a good harvest.</p>


    <p><strong>HomeBox</strong> offers improvements and advances in <strong>growing cabinets</strong>, many innovations and admits a perfect harvest more than any existing indoor greenhouse above! Since the invention of the first cabinet growing in 2001, we have developed and continuously improved our products. </p> <p>The mount without complications not only makes our products in the ideal indoor greenhouse, also other improvements and additional features are convincing to experienced gardeners and entertainment with the following characteristics:</p> <div> <ul> <li>RFA +: (radiation photosynthetically active) which reflects the interior finish, developed exclusively for HOMEbox optimally.</li> <li>Omniflow-AIRVENT: Allow the fresh air flow is directed exactly where needed.</li> <li>HIGH strength: Steel coated with powder that support high loads and stable bar.</li> <li>DOUBLE floor: In addition to the known water resistant rack, all models are equipped with an extra fixed floor.</li> <li>TOTAL locks: A greenhouse light guaranteed, completely without cover straps and Velcro fasteners!</li> <li>STRONGER connections: Reinforced frames, connectors and hooks</li> </ul> </div>


    <p>Dutch brand of cabinets of cultivation of marijuana and horticulture in general. The Mammoth cupboards have been designed to achieve an environment of highly reflective and moderate indoor cultivation, but the economic time.</p> <p>Farming and gardening within Mammoth Grow Room is very simple, in the simplicity of this room of indoor growing which makes them so comfortable.</p> <ul> <li> <p>Easy to assemble: assembled in minutes without tools</p> </li> <li> <p>Interior lined in 190 d CRX 95% Reflective Mylar</p> </li> <li> <p>Structure in metal with reinforced corners</p> </li> </ul>
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Ganesh growshop have the best brands of the market in indoor growing cabinets, for both grow marijuana as for other types of crops, since you can find cabinets of all sizes that adapt to your needs, whether it be the cultivation of cannabis, aromatic plants or even small gardens.

We also have spare parts for most brands, do not worry if you have broken you a corner, you don't have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe or gamble it with second hand parts, we offer you the possibility of repair your wardrobe of cultivation at the best price.

If you have any question upon any Cabinet growing You can ask without any commitment, from the website, we will be happy to advise you and help you choose the wardrobe that suits your space and uses.



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