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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best quality fertilizers for your marijuana plants, all kinds of ranges for all types of growers. Don't let your plants lack food, they will thank you with good and productive harvests.


  • We advise following the manufacturer's instructions for each product , the dose as well as the proportions in each irrigation and not mixing products from different ranges unless we have experience.
  • By adding more fertilizer you are not feeding your plants better , exceeding the amount is harmful.
  • There are certain simple fertilizers that cannot be mixed since they solidify and form salts that plants cannot assimilate.
  • You can optimize by measuring the electroconductivity (amount of particles dissolved in the water) and adjusting the doses according to EC
  • Measuring the pH is basic , it is of no use to fertilize with the best products if we are using very acidic water or very hard water, since with an incorrect pH the plants do not absorb the irrigation adequately.

Types of fertilizers

Fertilizers are responsible for the nutrition of plants at different stages of their life. For each of them, cannabis requires a fertilizer of different composition. In general, they require essential macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) . Water and air also provide oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Furthermore, with the contribution of trace elements, the plants will enter a sufficient physiological state. These include vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron or zinc .

During the germination stage, root stimulators are very useful to form a large and strong root system, which will give the plant better nutrition, faster growth, greater productivity and protection from certain adverse factors.

The growth fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, which can regulate protein production, improve cell separation rate and other functions. On the other hand, phosphorus and potassium levels increase during flowering. For plants to develop all their properties, these macronutrients must be combined with micronutrients.

Fertilizers for cannabis plants, on the other hand, can be either organic, mineral or chemical , or a combination . Organic matter can consist of organic waste from plants or animals. The minerals or chemicals originate in the laboratory where the essential macronutrients are isolated for each stage of cannabis development. However, a growing number of mineral fertilizers contain certain macronutrients. Mixed ones are a completely organic mixture combined with some minerals.


If you are not a fan of a specific fertilizer brand, you can choose to visit the section you need depending on the phase your plants are in:

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