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Everything you need to cultivated mushroomswith these kits, it is very easy to harvest all kinds of mushrooms, you will only need to control the temperature and humidity of the culture medium, now we will see some small tips that will help that your mushroom bread bear fruit in conditions and you get several harvests from the same kit.

IMPORTANT: Whenever handling the pan of mushrooms, wash and disinfect their hands with alcohol if possible.


If you use a bag of crop that comes in the KIT:

Pour a glass of mineral water to the bag. Never fill the pan of water. Always use mineral water (not tap water) not remove the bread from the tupper.

Remove the cover of the tupper and spray the surface of the bread until this damp.

We put the tupper on the stock exchange and closed folding twice and holding it with clips that come in the KIT

The optimal temperature in the inside of the bag is 24º C but can range between 22 ° and 25 °

The optimal humidity is between 60% - 80%

IMPORTANT: Remember to ventilate the bag daily a few minutes so it is oxygenated.

When you collect the first harvest, remove all the mushrooms you can then throw 1 cm of mineral water, put the lid of the tupper and pop it to the refrigerator 2 hours. Once past this time fold the cooling and escurres well all excess water. Change water before putting the bread to bear fruit again.

Controlling the temperature and humidity is key in the process, that is why we recommend use a thermo-hygrometer for these factors have well-controlled and if they are not correct we risk that bread takes longer to remove the mushrooms or not reaching out.

If you use greenhouse or propagator:

Pour water in the greenhouse (the amount depends on the size)

Never fill the pan of water or removing it from the tupper and this should not be in direct contact with the water.

To get the temperature and optimum moisture for the crop can use a heated blanket or use a Electric propagator It integrated.

Optimal as the temperature and humidity which is in the cultivation bag,

Temperature 24 ° C. You can oscillate between 22 ° and 25 °

Humidity between 60% and 80%

Breads containing cultures of hallucinogenic mushrooms are used exclusively for the study Mycological, Ethnobotanical or ornamental use. They are not for agricultural or food use. Ganesh grow shop is not liable for any illicit use that third can make the product.



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