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-This page is about the culture of cannabis and marijuana solely for personal and private use, GaneshGrow does not support illegal trade.

-The cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries. This page encourages not to act outside the law. The information on this website is personal and private, in order to maintain the culture of cannabis and medical and scientific use.

-We do not store nor ask for credit card or banking details in any case.

-GaneshGrowIt is not responsible for the use which is made with the information contained in its pages.

-GaneshGrow, reserves the right to refuse access and use the website and its services when you have the suspicion or knowledge that any illegal activity is taking place or is a minor user.

-Only allowed the use of the website and its products according to the laws of their country, it is your responsibility to find out about local laws.

-Store prices may vary. With the confirmation and acceptance of the order by us you will have the total confirmed.

-Only accepted payment by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

-The price of transport is subject to confirmation by the GaneshGrow.

In the framework of the United Nations, the single Convention on narcotic drugs, made in Vienna in 1961, and ratified by the Spanish State in 1966, provides narcotic substances subject to international control. These, in schedules I and IV to the Convention, include cannabis and its resins, extracts and tinctures. According to the informative guide compiled by the United Nations information service, is understood by cannabis even unofficially, to the flowering, flowering or fruit of the cannabis plant, (with the exception of the seeds and not linked to the flowering sheets) of the s which extracted resin.

In consideration of this concept, cannabis seeds are not subject to international control. On the basis of the international provisions of the 1961 Convention, the legislative bodies in the different Contracting States have issued multiple and varied national regulations criminal or administrative, that develop and they complement the international regulations. Many are the laws of the countries in the world which prohibit and sanction the purchase, sale, possession or possession of cannabis seeds. Faced with the impossibility of knowing the totality of national legislation and with a view to fully respect the regulations in force in each sovereign territory, GaneshGrow It advises the user to learn about the applicable law in its territory, especially in Germany, Australia, France, Austria, Morocco, Zaire, etc.GaneshGrow It develops its business by offering virtual variety of products or items of lawful trade in Spain. Spanish law does not prohibit the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds in Spanish territory.

There is no legal precept that punish his possession and possession and although there are doctrinal opinions considered holding a preparatory act go unpunished, they are not backed by the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. The seeds that GaneshGrow It puts on sale are items of collectibles for sale for over 18 years. The criminal code, approved by law 10/95 of 23 November, in the articles 368 and following, provides for prison terms of one to three years for those who execute acts of cultivation, processing or trafficking of cannabis. The Spanish criminal law contemplates and punishable as an offence against public health acts of crop destined for sale or traffic or to perform in order to promote, encourage or facilitate illegal use by third parties. The repeated jurisprudence of the second Chamber of the Supreme Court has pointed out that the cultivation of cannabis is a prohibited act, prosecutable and punishable by public health. GaneshGrow calls upon the responsibility and diligence of each individual on the own acts and in no event invites or encourages its customers to act in a manner contrary to the law, requesting the customer a noble, straight, responsible and diligent use of the articles or products purchased.

GaneshGrow the manufacturer declines any liability for breach of the conditions of recruitment, current legislation or the transmission, donation or transfer whether free or onerous to third minors. If you go to this website it means that you are of legal age, and that you understand and accept the rules set out above.



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