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Ganesh Grow Shop EspañaGanesh Grow It is a company dedicated to the sale of horticultural products, cannabis seeds and other plants. Was established in the year 2005 in the province of Cantabria, with the aim of reaching all the people and companies that require the provision of media, offered professionalism, proximity and knowledge of the horticulture sector domestic and industrial. In Ganesh Grow We have marked as main objective offer the customer the widest range of products, with a real stock at the best price.

We work with leading brands in the sector, looking for the best quality and innovation. We define ourselves as a support to professionals and individuals in the agricultural sectors, grow shopenvironmental and agro-industrial, having a relationship of complicity and common work, providing them with solutions and quality services that allow them to obtain and carry out their projects.

Our philosophy

Filosofia de crecimiento en Ganesh GrowShop onlineIn our company we have a philosophy of Sociocracy, i.e., we advocate a process of harmonious growth, based on the values of equality, efficiency and transparency.

Each employee participates in important decision-making on the management of the company in its sector, contributing ideas, suggestions and needs to improve both the employment relationship as a professional. Stronger each of the organs that compose the greater company joint performance we can get. Therefore, every day we continue working and striving to improve for this purpose.

Come and visit our shop in Torrelavega

We have three different areas, an exhibition area of more than 400 m 2 where you can find everything you want for the care of your plants;

Tienda Ganesh GrowShop, las mejores ofertas online

Other area warehouse with a large stock of all of the foregoing, and finally at the top of the office area where the Department computer, responsible for sales online and the accounting department.

  Fertilizantes de Ganesh GrowShop, tu grow online de confianzaFertilizantes de Ganesh GrowShop, las mejores marcas al mejor precioLos mejores precios en tiestos y mecetas en Ganesh GrowShop

Our staff is highly qualified and can advise you on any questions that may arise, free care and customized, if you've never grown, you want assemble a crop from scratch or you have problems in your crop we give you the solution. Stop by our shop in Torrelavega, by phone or by email will be happy to assist you.

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