Great discounts and offers for cannabis associations in Barcelona

The best discounts aimed at cannabis associations, smoking clubs and dispensaries. Offer your partners the latest developments in products related to the world of marijuana in addition to benefiting from great discounts.

At Ganesh Grow Shop we offer you discounts of up to 40% in some products aimed especially at associations of smokers and clubs in Barcelona.

How do I benefit from association discounts?

To be able to see the reduced rate for associations, the first thing you have to do is register on our website through regular registration. 

You can access the association registration from here

What do I need to get my association or club account?

Once you have finished registering you have to apply for registration as an association or club. Just fill out this simple form and as soon as we review the data you will have your association account ready to use.

You can access the form to apply for registration of your association or cannabis club in  THIS LINK

Exclusive products for your partners

With your partnership account, you can enjoy discounts throughout the store, but we have also made a selection of products that are specially designed for associations or smoking club.

Your favorite products and brands at the best price thanks to the great packaging and bulk.

The best-selling products in associations and clubs in Barcelona

We leave you a presentation the products that succeed most among the members of the clubs and associations of Barcelona. They are products specially designed to meet the needs of club members. Save money with bulk or enjoy exclusive prices.


In Ganesh Grow Shop we have a lawyer specialized in issues related to clubs and cannabis associations. Rest assured that you put the legal issues of your club in the hands of a professional, with the confidence to cover all aspects and know that everything is in order with respect to the current law.

Here are a few of the points to consider when forming an association:

Ofertas para clubs y asociaciones de marihuana

  1. LEGALLY CONSTITUTE AN ASSOCIATION. With at least three founding members, hold the first assembly and approve the statutes.
  2. REGISTER THE ASSOCIATION IN THE FEDERATION OF CANNABIC ASSOCIATIONS. It will help to legitimize and contribute to the associative development of the cannabis world and pro-legalization.
  3. CAPTURING PARTNERS LEGALLY. We will keep a record of partners who have previously proven and signed to be of legal age, as well as recognize that they are pre-registration consumers and who do not have a criminal record relating to public health offences
  4. THE MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION WILL RELEASE A MONTHLY OR ANNUAL CONSUMPTION FORECAST. This consumption forecast will legitimize us to supply the members of the association, either with a joint purchase (in common) or via self-cultivation.
  5. CLOSED CIRCUIT. The products of the association cannot reach third parties. We will try to control everything from production to distribution to partners.
  6. TRANSPARENCY WITHOUT LUCRO. One of the key parts of a cannabis association is transparency in its accounts and justification of the final price of the product, which must be perfectly broken down.
  7. INFORMATION AND RISK REDUCTION. Another very important role of an association will be to provide truthful and quality information, helping to reduce possible risks associated with consumption.
  8. WE CAN'T PROMOTE. We have to keep in mind that we cannot advertise, promote the association or the registration of new partners in it.
  9. REGULATE EMPLOYMENT. As the partnership grows, people must be hired to meet the needs of the club, contract employees like in any other job.
  10. HE HAS THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL. In Ganesh Grow we have the best lawyer specialized in cannabis associations and responsible for a large number of associations in the northern part of Spain. Ask us for information without obligation.



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