Dear customer

We feel that you've obtained unsatisfactory results with your seeds. To help solve the problem, it is necessary some additional information which you must fill in this questionnaire to pursue the claim.

1. what seed bank were and what variety? Were they regular or feminized seeds?

2. date of purchase and germination.

3. Description of the form of germination you used in these seeds.

4. seeds that failed... was because they were not opened, or some of them opened and/or produced root before dying? If so how many?

5. in which village/region reside? Also provide us point of sale (store, address and the same population).

6. have you kept the receipt as proof?

To be able to validate your claim, it is necessary to send products that failed along with the package of the same so may know more about the causes that have given rise to the problem

Additional information attach with this best questionnaire, any evidence

Additional information



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