Is it legal to buy seeds?

In Spain it is LEGAL to purchase seeds, as well as in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Italy, Canada, Japan, etc. The possession of seeds of hemp in Spain is not constitutive of crime (Vienna Convention of 1961). The cultivation of cannabis may be subject to administrative and penal sanctions (article 25.1 of the organic law of protection of the citizen security and article 368 of the Criminal Code). The legislation varies by country, so you must find out about the local laws before buying. It is illegal to germinate them, in any country. Ganesh Grow sells seeds on the condition that they are not germinated.

How does a seed germinate?

Germination is the process by which a seed develops into a plant. This process is carried out when the embryo swells to drink the water and cover the seed breaks. To achieve this, every new plant requires a few basic elements for their development: temperature, water, and oxygen. For this reason it is suitable to hydrate the seeds, soaking them in water for 12 - 24 hours (a little trick is to add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for glass of water) and then put them in a damp and well oxygenated substrate (might serve some sheets of paper (absorbent, wet, but not encharcar) to a temperature close to the 24 ° C. These conditions (humidity, temperature and oxygenation) must be kept constant until the seeds germinate (usually 24-48 hours, but they may take up to 5 days). It is not necessary to add rooting hormones, stimulators or any other product to germinate the seeds.

What to do once the seed germinates?

Once the root begins to grow, we must insert it into a substrate suitable for the initial development of the seed: light, well drained and free of pathogens and without excess nutrients. The ideal is to use a good mix for seedlings, or popular peat pellets jiffy. If we take land "from the garden" or reuse old pots substrates, we run irrigation for pathogens in contact with our newly germinated seed making impossible their development. Where the substrate is very silty or retains moisture too, chances are that the incipient root rot, due to lack of oxygen, and we lose the seed. If soil is too fertilized we run the risk of burning them, since the seeds do not tolerate well the excesses of nutrients. Weather to keep conditions are similar to the rooting: 24 ° C, high humidity and good oxygenation of the substrate. However, we will not do this process in the dark, they will post seeds already introduced into the substrate and watered, to direct sunlight. We will do this gradually, because an excess of sudden lighting and heat could end our seedlings. Ideally, after 24 hours, the seeds will sprout from the substrate and will begin to open their cotyledons.

Some seeds will not germinate. What to do?

Still following all the steps above correctly, can occasionally that some seed does not germinate, given that it's a vivid and delicate product. Yes, even following the steps, your seeds do not germinate after 5 days, get in touch with us to make the claim. To claim the seeds we need you bring seeds which have not germinated together with the original packaging and the ticket of purchase. We fill a form with your details and we will send the / s seed/s to the manufacturer which will replace us seeds if everything is correct, or you will get in touch with you if there is a problem with the claim. In Ganesh grow monthly process claims of seeds.

Is it safe to give my card details?

Card details are sent directly to the Bank, whose web is always protected by the highest level encryption. So, it appears a padlock and the navigation bar puts https: the "s" in the end mean that it is a secure site, so you can ensure is secure. We do not have your data at any time. If you prefer to have a 110% safety and avoid that your data are introduced into the network, performs the order OFF LINE, and you can have the complete assurance that your personal information, shipping address, and the card details, will not be never at any risk then at no time will be in the network.

When does my order?

To place an order, send you an email to your email confirming your purchase and the process of preparation.

The departure of the day we will send you another e-mail confirming the collection of the carrier and from that moment takes 19-24 hours in the delivery, Saturdays and Sundays there is no cast.

If passing by delivery point there is nobody, the carrier gets in contact with you, to try the delivery or to make an appointment.

My order does not what can I do?

You can check the status of your order, using the reference (tracking number) that we have sent you by email. Use the "tracking number" to know where in real time, and locates your local delegation of the used courier company.

Get in touch with the local delegation of the courier company to arrange the delivery of the order. If you do not get the same information, send us an email a: and will try to solve your problem.



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