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At Ganesh Grow Shop you will find the best air conditioning equipment for indoor marijuana crops and other plants. From the simplest ventilation systems to complete climate control equipment with which you will not have to worry about anything. We ship to all of Spain, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona... fast and discreet.


At a minimum you will need an extractor to remove the hot, stale and smelly air from our marijuana cultivation. In addition to a passive entry of fresh air , since if we remove air from the closet or room, we will create a flow that requires an entry point. This can be passive as we have mentioned, but it is most advisable to include an intractor in our ventilation system. ventilation. Don't forget to add the tubes to join all the pieces.


Growers always strive to optimize their production as much as possible. In the case of cannabis cultivation, we always expect a plant that produces large, high-quality buds with the appropriate concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, avoiding the appearance of mold at all costs. Achieving these goals often requires the use of a controlled environment such as: greenhouses, indoor grow rooms, or even grow tents. All aspects of the environment can then be controlled , including: temperature, humidity, airflow and carbon dioxide (CO2) , among others.


Among the parameters that we must control in a marijuana crop, the most important are air renewal , temperature , humidity and odor control.

Air and oxygen renewal in marijuana cultivation


For optimal functioning and development of our plants we need the air extraction system to be capable of renewing the total volume of the growing area in less than 5 minutes.

It is also very important to move the air inside the room. If we do not do this, the air flow that goes from the intractor to the extractor will be very regular and we will have areas with different temperatures and humidity in the same crop.

Air and oxygen renewal in marijuana cultivation


We do a basic temperature control with the extractor , we have power regulators so that your extractor works at the percentage of power that your crop needs.

Temperature control is an essential aspect of growing in a controlled environment. While it influences other parameters such as light and humidity, it is also affected by them. Temperature control is the core of most climate control systems.

The greatest contribution of heat is made by the bulbs and ballasts, you have cooltube systems that cool the bulb and prevent their heat from reaching the plants since this air current is independent of that of the crop.

If all this is not enough for you, you can use cooling systems such as air conditioners . Or on the contrary, if the temperature is very low and cold , you can opt for heaters or heating for your crop, growing at night also helps with temperatures .

Temperature and humidity are closely related and directly affect each other. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about temperature control without taking humidity into account.

Humidity control in marijuana cultivation


As with temperature, we can control humidity with the extraction of our crop. It depends a lot on where we grow, we will differentiate between:

  • My humidity is very low : You have humidifiers with and without a tank, which float in the tank you put in it.
  • My humidity is very high : You need a dehumidifier , you have different sizes and capacities.

Although the ideal humidity range has a great impact on development, it is not the only reason to control humidity. Perhaps the biggest problem with humidity is mold . The most common are bud rot (also known as gray mold or botrytis ) and powdery mildew.

Keep in mind when generating or eliminating humidity with these devices, extraction at maximum power will not help you if the air you put into your growing area has incorrect humidity parameters, most likely you will prefer to minimize the humid air you put in if you are using a dehumidifier or minimize the dry air you put into your crop if you are using a humidifier.

Control of cannabis odors in marijuana cultivation


It is important for odor control in our grow that our grow's climate system provides negative pressure in the room.

This means that the air that leaves is always greater than the air that enters, this means that all the odor generated by our plants is controlled by the same outlet, and this is where we apply anti-odor systems:

  • Active carbon filter
  • Ozone generators

Use of Co2 in indoor marijuana cultivation


For maximally optimized crops, you can use Co2 systems . These systems will increase the production of your plants as long as you have all the other crop parameters perfectly controlled. Carbon dioxide is an essential component of photosynthesis . Therefore, if there is sufficient light and a sufficient water source, an increase in the indoor concentration of carbon dioxide can greatly improve photosynthesis, which naturally promotes development and growth.

Noise control in marijuana cultivation


Like the smell, the noise from our cultivation can be very annoying, especially at night. We have several tools to reduce the noise in our cultivation , the first thing we have to do is identify what generates the most noise and act on it.

The extractor and intractor are usually two of the devices that generate the most noise, one of the best ways to reduce it is to use soundproof boxes , they are usually made of wood and come soundproofed, we put the extractor inside and connect. It is interesting to use soundproof tubes as well so that noise does not escape through them.

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