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Available in our physical and online store. CBD wax from the SHC, Plant of Life, and CBD Lab brands of different varieties: og kush wax, critical wax, amnesia wax, lemon haze wax, chocoloko wax, gorilla glue wax, blueberry wax, heese wax, mango kush wax, amnesia haze wax, pineapple express wax, banana kush wax, girl scout cookies wax, sour diesel wax.

Can Wax with CBD help me?

There is currently a lot of expectation about CBD products . The non-intoxicating marijuana compound is acclaimed for its great therapeutic value. It is also legal in almost the entire world, making it one of the most widely derived substances from cannabis.

With this increasing exposure and demand comes a variety of new products containing CBD. We already have oils , all types of polem, wax, CBD extractions and even marijuana buds . Subjected to rigorous analysis, this product contains less than the permitted % THC.

What is Wax CBD?

WAX CBD consists of the resin of cannabis plants. Resin is basically the essential oils (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) of the plant, which are contained in the trichomes of female marijuana plants. The resulting powder-like substance is pressed into solid bricks.

While regular wax will contain high levels of THC, the cannabis compound that gets you “high,” CBD wax is obtained from hemp plants with little or no THC content.

How is CBD wax used?

CBD wax is versatile and can be used in various ways. It can be crumbled and smoked in a pipe or wax joint, vaporized or even cooked. If you choose to cook with CBD wax , you will first need to decarboxylate it. You can do this by heating it in the oven at 110-115°C for 60 minutes.

Is CBD Wax legal?

As long as its composition does not contain more than 0.2% THC , CBD Wax is legal and suitable for sale to the public. Its high CBD content makes it ideal to enjoy its magnificent properties without the suspicious eyes of the law disturbing our long-awaited moments of peace with utmost tranquility.

In Spain we are still slow on the issue of CBD even though the WHO has already made it clear that it is not a dangerous or addictive substance , quite the opposite, so on occasion you will have to make it clear what it is. and because Wax CBD is totally legal.

Where can I buy CBD Wax?

As our grandmother would say when it comes to food, the most important thing is the quality of the product and its origin, and she is absolutely right, it would never occur to me to question this statement given by popular wisdom in its purest form and in this specific case we apply the same concept.

Easy solution if we have Ganesh Grow , the temple of cannabis knowledge where you will find all kinds of high-quality CBD-related products and much more. If my grandmother liked light marijuana, you would see her with her shopping cart arguing about which CBD flower is best this season.

Take a look at the succulent offers you will find on this page and take advantage of their promotions with the best discounts on Wax CBD .

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