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E-liquid is the liquid we use to vape with our electronic cigarette. There are various flavor options for vaping depending on personal taste.


The two latest innovations for smokers come together in a totally groundbreaking way to enjoy the delicious flavors of light marijuana in our electronic cigarette. Not only that, since the beneficial properties of CBD are still present in its vaping format, enjoying and taking care of yourself has never been so simple.

Does CBD E-liquid have nicotine?

The varieties of E-liquid CBD that you will find on our website do not contain nicotine , thanks to the powers of cannabidiol , it will help you calm the withdrawal caused by nicotine, a perfect alternative if we want to eliminate the happy addiction once and for all. of this useless substance.

There are brands that do use nicotine for their products, not that it is bad, but we are mixing different effects that can alter the function of CBD if we want it to treat a specific ailment.

Does vaping CBD get high?

The World Health Organization has declared that CBD is not a dangerous or addictive substance, since if it has European certification, THC will not exceed 0.2% , so no, CBD does not get high .

It would take an exaggerated amount in a very short period of time for our brain to feel something, in time and in proportion it would be impossible and certainly not profitable for our economy.

Is vaping CBD legal?

Being absent of psychotropic effects and with regulations in order, vaping CBD is legal and we will not have any problems if the authorities draw our attention. In the drug tests that we can encounter at any time we will not give a positive result, since THC, although it accumulates in the body, does not have a sufficient amount for the controversial drug test to detect it.

What potency is needed to vape CBD?

This is a very common question, everything will depend on our vape and its characteristics, the power ranges are vital to take full advantage of the CBD.
Between 10 and 30 watts of power is usually the formula to follow, always adapted to each person's tastes and together with the results obtained.

It is vital to know your tool and know how to use it , some will require more voltage than others, the materials used will be of vital importance, the usual thing is that it is around at least 3.4 volts.

Where to buy the best CBD E-liquids?

Everything will depend on what we are looking for in an E-liquid, for obvious reasons, those that contain nicotine are the least recommended, not mixing substances is wise, although they do not have to taste bad at all, for tastes the colors before all.

At Ganesh Grow we offer varieties of the highest quality , with the flavor of the best light cannabis plants to date, so you don't miss traditional combustion . Let yourself fall in love with this whirlwind of flavors with benefits for the body that will help you with many daily ailments.

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