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CBD crystal consists of the resin of cannabis plants. Resin is basically the essential oils (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) of the plant, which are contained in the trichomes of female marijuana plants. The resulting powder-like substance is pressed into solid bricks.


Beautiful glazed forms of all types of structures with a very high level of CBD, you can find them in different colors with a touch of flavor chosen by the creator or in their purest state, both are a luxury to behold. Enter this exciting little world with these miniature stalagmites loaded with positive energy.

CBD crystals add to the wide variety of CBD products produced today. These are obtained from hemp plants and have little or no THC content, therefore, it does not produce any psychoactive effects.

Crystals can be used in various ways. Like hashish, these can be crumbled and smoked in pipes or crystal joints, vaporized, or even cooked. If you choose to cook with CBD crystals, you will need to decarboxylate it first. You can do this by heating it in the oven at 110-115°C for 60 minutes.

In our physical and online store, you have a wide variety of crystals from the SHC, Plant of Life, and CBD Lab brands of different varieties: OG Kush crystals, Critical crystals, Amnesia crystals, Lemon Haze crystals, Chocoloko crystals , Gorilla Glue crystals, Blueberry crystals, Heese crystals, Mango Kush crystals, Amnesia Haze crystals, Pineapple Express crystals, Banana Kush crystals, Girl Scout Cookies crystals, Sour Diesel crystals.


It is the concentrate of everything extracted from the light cannabis plant with a high cannabidiol content , eliminating its psychoactive components and enhancing the beneficial cannabinoid, CBD.

The fragments obtained have a very high CBD content, almost being pure (99%), subsequently delicate extraction processes are used using state-of-the-art technology, a machine capable of optimizing the temperature and pressure necessary to alter the state of the matter of the CBD by turning it gaseous and extracting it to its maximum purity.

By eliminating all components except CBD, it has no psychoactive effects on the brain and you will not have a problem with the happy tests that look for narcotics in the body .


They are the usual ones that we find when consuming this cannabinoid, such as muscle relaxation and its anti-inflammatory qualities . If you want to go into more detail, visit our CBD section to delve deeper into its powerful qualities: (LINK)

It is a very convenient format when consuming it since you have different options to do so and take advantage of its beneficial properties. When compared to other medications that perform similar functions, opting for CBD is a safe bet since it practically has no side effects .

The decrease in blood pressure and relaxation can be a "problem" when driving or if you suffer from hypotension, it all depends on each person. There is also no scientific evidence to ensure that the fetus is not altered when a pregnant woman consumes CBD.


As long as it has the permitted THC (<0.2%) , it does not generate narcotic effects and therefore the authorities do not have the right to fine you for this type of substance, since CBD is legal in many countries and there are more and more those that open the door to this powerful molecule.

CBD crystals enjoy European certification as long as they meet the quality and permitted THC requirements. It is always good to know who we buy it from so as not to get any surprises. The quality of the crystal is essential to ensure its purity.


In many ways, the limit lies in your imagination as long as it goes hand in hand with common sense, remember that it is CBD in its purest form . Many users consume it by mixing it with food such as butter or milk, among others, to dilute the crystal; it should be certified for this.

The crystals produced are typically used for the best CBD oils using coconut oil as a general rule. It is not advisable to do it at home since only professionals have meters capable of controlling the total percentage of CBD and not going overboard with the amount.


It is not surprising that this product has been so successful, in its glass format it is very striking and its applications are endless, for professionals it is the raw material to make the best CBD products.

And where do I find these products? At Ganesh Grow of course , a pioneering company in Spain that has firmly committed to this virtuous cannabinoid. Here you will only find products of the highest quality and also with juicy discounts. Take advantage of the best light cannabis offers and get your CBD crystals now from the comfort of your home.

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