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Currently, cosmetics with CBD are a new trend in the beauty and personal care products market. Thanks to the already known properties that Cannabidiol or CBD has on the skin, including its anti-aging, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, it makes CBD cosmetics an excellent option for caring for the health and appearance of the skin.

At Ganesh Grow you can find a wide range of CBD cosmetic products of the best quality, carefully prepared and with carefully studied ingredients and concentrations to provide the best results.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

CBD is the best-known non-psychotropic cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, with very powerful therapeutic properties, the best known being anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Cosmetic products with CBD, such as oils and creams, can help with inflammatory processes in the skin, improving appearance and producing relaxation and well-being. Many studies have also identified its antioxidant property, protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Properties and benefits of CBD cosmetics

CBD, thanks to all the properties already mentioned, has become a very valuable ingredient in the world of cosmetics. We explain in more detail some of the best-known benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory: This property of CBD makes it an ideal ingredient for the treatment of skin that suffers from inflammatory processes such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne .
  • Moisturizing: Excellent for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin, improving elasticity and reducing expression lines.
  • Antioxidant: CBD protects the skin from damage caused by the oxidation process and free radicals, helping to counteract the effects of aging and other processes that can damage the skin such as sun exposure.
  • Pain relief: This already known effect makes CBD cosmetic products very effective for managing skin tension, muscle pain, burning and other discomforts.

Varieties of CBD cosmetics

Cosmetic products and the variety of these on the market are becoming broader and more complete. From CBD creams that are produced with oils extracted from cannabis or hemp infused into a topical base. They act on the body's natural CB2 receptors by binding to these components. CB2 receptors are activated by the endocannabinoid system (ECS) itself, already present, or by the presence of phytocannabinoids , which are normally found in the form of CBD or THC.

Many topical creams , ointments, ointments, etc. They contain small amounts of THC, but they still will not cause the euphoria linked to traditional cannabis consumption, because these cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream and only penetrate deep into the CB2 receptors.

Ointments and ointments differ from creams due to their texture, consistency, and often potency. Ointments can be of the highest potency, but this does not always have to be the trend, as there is so much variety on the CBD cannabis supplier market. Some have claimed that ointments provide instant relief, acting faster on the body than ointments or creams tend to, but essentially the terms ointment and ointment can be used interchangeably.

By definition, salves must be infused with medicine, in this case CBD , and are of a semi-solid consistency. Creams typically involve water or some type of aqueous substance as a base, while ointments only use oils or waxes for their base. Ointments tend to contain a combination of oils, water, and alcohols within their formulation.

Other products that we also find in this line are shampoos and conditioners for hair care, even lip and nail care products.

At Ganesh Grow, we have a wide catalog of cosmetic products of the highest quality and we offer you personalized advice so that you can choose the best product, with the experience that comes from being part of the sector since 2005.

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