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What is the difference between blunt paper and regular paper?

Generally speaking, there are only two differences between blunts and joints: the paper or wrapper used and the size of the joint being smoked . Yes, there are always some exceptions, but your regular blunts are rolled with tobacco paper and are often more than twice the size of joints, which are usually rolled with "papers."


The most obvious difference between a blunt and a joint is the material in which your cannabis is wrapped. Commonly, paper blunts use materials that are often made from hemp or rice, while blunts use tobacco leaf.

This line has blurred a bit as companies have tried to direct attention to tobacco-free options , such as herbal and hemp wraps, and even infusing CBD.


What was once a clear determining factor is now more of a difference in support than a deciding factor. When most people think of joints, they think of one of two options: 1.1/4 or King Size.

So, regarding size and looking for differences between the blunt and the joint, a joint usually carries half a gram of material (more or less) while a blunt can carry a full gram.

The main difference is the material of the paper, since the size is not a problem if you smoke with classic paper, since there are many sizes in this type of paper that do not limit you in any sense.

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