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From plant seeds to harvesting the first products, Biobizz It is a leader in its field when it comes to of organic crops. Potting, liquid fertilizers, enhancers of substrates: we produce a wide range of 100% organic products for all types of plants.

Our philosophy is pure and simple: have ecological conscience and make the organic cultivation of crops to be accessible to all, without any negative impact on the environment.

Until sold our high quality organic fertilizerYou can be assured of the highest level of research and development has been invested in them. That is why we can say that each Biobizz product contains the right amount of organic ingredients.

And why we guarantee satisfaction and tranquility. Because with us taking care of your crops, you know that it is helping to protect the Earth from damage.

Although Biobizz Worldwide was founded in the Netherlands, today our major facilities are in Spain.


Tabla de cultivo para fertilizantes Biobiz



Agricultural products that are sold, labelled or represented as permitted for use in organic operations must be produced and processed in accordance with the rules of certification of Control Union based in the national organic program (NOP) of the Department of Agriculture of the U.S. Control Union Certifications (CU) has inspected Biobizz products and has determined that they meet these standards. Control Union has certified products Biobizz as an input allowed for use in organic operations. Products labeled as "100 percent organic" only contain organically produced ingredients and processing aids for processing, excluding water and salt. Agricultural products labeled as "100 percent organic" may not occur using excluded methods, sludge from sewage or ionizing radiation.


Good-soil.pngGood Soil Quality Mark is a trademark of independent inspection for pots of soil, soil improvers and fertilizers which guarantees the quality of the product and ensures safe and pollution-free products. To obtain the degree, products must meet stringent requirements that apply to all the raw materials, the production process and the final product.


Logo-PointVert-26nov2013.pngPoint Vert symbol is used in containers to show that the producer contributes to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging of the product. Also known as Green Dot, Point Vert was founded in Germany in the early 90s to help educate people about the environmental pollution caused by waste and create a program to help the environment recovers. The program is funded by the companies that contribute when they register to use Green Dot or Point Vert. Biobizz not only produces organic fertilizers, also worries us deeply to contribute to a better environment in any way we can. So, naturally, we are registered under Point Vert certificate and you will see the small green logo on all our containers.


Omri-logo-green.pngThe Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international non-profit that determines what contributions are permitted for use in organic production and processing. OMRI staff is led by a Board of Directors, which is broadly representative of the organic industry: consultants, farmers, suppliers, processors, merchants, consumer organizations and environmental and animal protection groups. The OMRI list products are suitable for use in organic production and food processing.


CG_circle_website_lockup_color.pngClean Green Certified is a third party certification program based on the existing national and international agricultural standards, ensuring environmentally clean and sustainable methods. It incorporates aspects of international organic programs of the organic national program (NOP) of the USDA and sustainable agricultural practices. Products licensed to carry Green Clean Certified logo contributes to the sustainability of agriculture. The certification is based on the standards of processing and handling, that certify the ability Biobizz to maintain a product organically grown and sustainable, way separated from the product grown with synthetic pesticides. Clean Green allows that Biobizz stand out from the rest, with a label that stands for legal compliance, the quality of consumer and environmental management.


Enviroganic-100px.pngThe Enviroganic certification is the highest level of certification of EnviroCann. It reflects compliance with all Envirocann standards regarding environmental compliance with State and local and organic management practices are being used. No pesticide residues were detected in products that are certified. The logo of EnvirOganic represents products produced using practices, organic inputs in a way that exceeds the current national organic standards.
After the review in the review of materials of EnviroCann programme, this certification was awarded to the following products Biobizz: Alg · · MIC Bio · Bloom, Bio · Grow, Bio · Heaven, Fish · Mix, Root · Juice and Top · Max



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